Andrew Strasburg

After the 9/11 attacks, I felt like I wanted to become part of American history - to become part of something larger than myself.
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Dale Nurnberg

I was drafted 6 months before I would have been too old for the draft. I think that too often the Vietnam war is not given it's proper place in history in the schools, again because it was such an unpopular war.
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Chris Berggren

I have served in AmeriCorps and the Peace Corps. I’m currently getting a Masters in Elementary Education. I have also talked with other classes before about my experience in the Marine Corps.
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Leah Eischen

I was born in Lincoln, Nebraska. After High school, I enlisted active duty in the United States Airforce and was stationed at Travis AFB, CA.
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Greg Holloway

I was in Vietnam 5 months 17 days during that time in three major campaigns. Wounded twice as a team leader.
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Marty Ramirez

I am a Chicano, son of Mexican Immigrants. My father, also a soldier fought in the Mexican Revolution of 1910. I am a retired Psychologist. I worked at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln for 38 years. Currently, I am a community activist.
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